HAMA Israel Humans & Animals in Mutual Assistance LTD

HAMA Israel Humans & Animals in Mutual Assistance LTD
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Seniors Animal Protection
HAMA is a government registered nonprofit organization in Israel committed to the healing of human violence directed towards people and animals alike through Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT).
The organization has long been a leader in establishing AAT as a complementary therapy to conventional psychological/medical treatment. The unique and mutual bonding between human and animal welfare is the cornerstone of our philosophy and activities. Those animals rescued and rehabilitated from human violence, abuse and neglect, as well as from injury and abandonment in time of war, have in many cases become important facilitators of human recovery and rehabilitation through personal empowerment and mutual healing.

We are a pluralistic organization that adheres to the mission of tolerance, mutual respect, and healing - all component values of Tikun Olam. We help humans and animals at risk, regardless of age, shape, color, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, or breed (in the case of canine or feline).

We coordinate our activities with cooperating hospitals, social service agencies and schools. Our programs are coordinated and supervised by the institutions' directors, doctor.
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P.O. Box 443, Kibbutz Givat Haim Ichud: Emek Hefer,
, 3893500
Tel: 04-6369443
Fax: 04-6369072

Contact: Pam Beni
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