Melabev - Specializing in Eldercare and Alzheimer's care
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Melabev is a unique, professional organization, a leader in dementia care and active in raising public awareness to older adults and people with dementia symptoms. Melabev enables community-based quality of life with dignity and increased self-worth
In 1981, when Melabev was established, originally as a volunteer organization, there were few programs available for the cognitively confused elderly. Over the years we have developed a social and therapeutic framework in which the demented participant can use his remaining skills and be accepted as he is in a nurturing and warm environment. Family care givers are guided and encouraged by the professional staff, giving them the strength to continue caring for their relative at home.

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Melabev started in 1981 with one day care center. Now Melabev is the only organization with a whole spectrum of care starting from diagnosis in the memory assessment clinic, memory clubs for people at early stages, day care programs in Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh, including centers conducted in different languages (Hebrew, English, Russian, Arabic and a pilot program in French) Melabev-at-home that brings professionals and activity workers to the client's own home for people with all stages of Alzheimer's, support groups for family caregivers, and a new wing to supply hired caregivers. Melabev has published 3 books on Alzhimer's care, and a video on Dance and dementia). Melabev has been awarded prizes for outstanding care: including ESHEL (JDC) Prize: for outstanding innovative services The founders are Yakirei Yerushalaim - Cherished of Jerusalem. Motti Zelikovitch, CEO, has overseen the purchase and reconstruction of new premises, Beit Melabev.

Board of Directors: Harry Sapir
Staff and Management We have 20 full-time and 75 part-time staff members
Our C.E.O. is Motti Zelikovitch
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Address: P.O. Box 3622, Jerusalem, 9103502, Jerusalem
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