Rabbis for Human Rights
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Rabbis For Human Rights (RHR) is the only organization in Israel today explicitly dedicated to the Jewish tradition of human rights, based on the belief that all humanity was created in God’s Image & every individual holds a spark of the divine.
RHR works in the following:
1. Economic Justice:
RHR works at the grassroots level providing economic rights-based information to Jews and Arabs in the Hadera-Wadi Ara area; lobbies in the Knesset to ensure adequate budgetary allocations for the needy; and helps increase public awareness of the plight of the poor while stressing society's responsibility in light of Jewish tradition.

2. Human Rights Education: RHR runs a number of year-long programs, teaching Jewish foundations of human rights to students in universities & pre-military academies.

3. Protecting rights of Palestinians in Occupied Territories:
RHR engages in legal work to protect Palestinian access to their agricultural lands; accompanies Palestinian farmers to their lands during key harvests, to ensure access; and advocates on behalf of the Jahalin Bedouin near Maaleh Adumim.

4. RHR works extensively with the Negev Bedouin, advocating for their rights and opposing policy that seeks to dispossess them.

    Categories of Activities:
  • Bridging Social Divides
  • Human Rights
  • Judaism
  • Israeli-Palestinian Co-operation
  • Legal Aid
  • Education

RHR was founded in 1988, and today numbers over 100 members, all of whom are ordained rabbis and rabbinical students, and all are Israeli citizens. RHR is the only rabbinical organization in Israel that includes Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, and Renewal rabbis. RHR serves as a "shofar" for disseminating human rights issues in Israel and in the Occupied Territories, while our work is often quoted in the Israeli and international press. In 1993, RHR received “The Speaker of the Knesset's Award for the Quality of Life in the Field of Enhancing the Rule of Law and Democratic Values, Protecting Human Rights, and Encouraging Tolerance and Mutual Respect.”

Board of Directors: Cochairs Rabbi Amy Klein and Rabbi Moshe Yehudai
Staff and Management We have ? full-time and ? part-time staff members
Our C.E.O. is Ayala Levy
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Address: Harechavim 9, Jerusalem
Tel: 026482757
Website: rhr.org.il/eng/about/