Crisis Center for Religious Women and Children

Crisis Center for Religious Women and Children
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To help religious/charedi women in crisis or distress and in need of support or aid; to prevent future abuse and violence through educational workshops; to raise awareness of these important issues within religious communities.
Since 1993 the Crisis Center for Religious Women has been providing emotional support, advice and referrals for religious women and children who are in crisis.
The services provided by the Center include a national 24-hour hotline manned by trained volunteers, in various languages; counseling sessions for victims; referrals to community services and therapists; accompanying victim to hospital; accompanying victim through police and judicial process; Amharic-speaking escorts who serve also as translators.

One of our main goals is prevention through education To this end we offer workshops for toddlers, school children, teenagers and parents; as well as for Rabbis, community leaders and professionals.

    Categories of Activities:
  • Empowerment
  • Social Welfare
  • Legal Aid

Over the years we have helped more 85,000 women and families. Over the years the center has proven to be an important vehicle of social change. Please help us to continue to help those in need and to put a stop to the cycle of violence.

Board of Directors: Leah Ansbacher,Josianne Paris,Eilat Kaufman,Batya Shafat,Sara Berolowitz,Yiscah Pearl,Michal Lifshitz,Rachelit Rivlin,Miriam Merzbach
Staff and Management We have 1 full-time and 12 part-time staff members
Our C.E.O. is
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  •   International Conference Dec 1-3: The Jewish Community Confronts Violence and Abuse 30/12/2014

    The conference was an enormous success with over 600 participants of which 30% were men (unprecedented!). We continue to receive positive feedback from participants from all over the world regarding the professional level of the conference and the array of fascinating and cutting edge topics that were covered. Participants found the conference insightful, productive and practical and expressed excitement at witnessing the desire to make serious changes within our community.

  •   Debbie Gross visits South Africa 04/08/2013

    Debbie recently returned from an exceptionally successful lecture tour in South Africa. She addressed many sectors of the Jewish community, community leaders and educators in Johannesburg, Capetown and Durban. Debbie is helping the SA Jewish community implement safety measures for preventing child sexual abuse.

  •   Pillar of Hope 07/02/2013

    During the recent fighting in Israel's south, we were contacted by a number of schools who we had worked with in the past. They all felt the need for post trauma groups for the staff and students, after the ordeal they had been through at the end of 2012. Attached is more information about our new project, aptly entitled "Pillar of Hope".

  •   Read about Eden Center... 05/11/2012

    a project we are proud to be a part of!

  •   extra! extra! read all about it! 19/09/2012

  •   Movie Night Benefit in Ra'anana 24/06/2012

    The Crisis Center for Religious Women will be holding a movie night in Ra'anana on July 10th. The evening will feature the award-winning film "Cohen's Wife" followed by a pannel discussion moderated by Jerusalem Post journalist Barbara Sofer. For details please see the attached invitation. for tickets call: Esther 02-6726847 or Bracha 052-6216013 looking forward to seeing you there!

  •   Successful Evening in Jerusalem 18/01/2012

    It was standing room only at our recent fundraising evening at Yad Ben Tzvi in Jerusalem. In spite of the much needed rain that fell all evening, over 200 people enjoyed the movie and panel discussion, as well as coffee and home-made cakes! And of course, we raised over 18,000 NIS for our ongoing educational projects. In just a few weeks a similar event will be held in Gush Etzion, and afterwards in Ra'anana. Look forward to seeing you there!

  •   Fundraising Movie Night 15/12/2011

    Join us for a special screening of the prize-winning movie "Eshet Cohen", followed by panel discussion. All proceeds to benefit the Crisis Center (thanks to Yad Ben Zvi for donating their hall for this event). tickets can be purchased from Miri 052-8620650 or by email

  •   Newsletter Rosh Hashana 2011 03/10/2011

  •   Training Course for Hotline Volunteers 12/09/2011

    Training course for volunteers beginning right after the chagim! The course will be on wednesday morning 9:30-12:30 for about half a year, after which participants must commit to a weekly 2-hour shift on the hotline, for at least a year. for more information, and to schedule an interview: The course and the volunteering take place at the Crisis Center, located in Talpiot. The course (and... work) are in Hebrew.

  •   Campaign at MEGA and MEGA BA'IR 28/06/2011

    During the coming week, shoppers at the MEGA chain will be asked to donate 2 shekel to the crisis center while paying for their purchases. This is another opportunity to show that you care, while proving the old adage "every little bit helps"!

  •   Our Sherut Leumi girls speak about their work 13/06/2011

  •   Visit by Knesset Member Tzipi Hotovely 13/06/2011

    and members of knesset committee on the status of women

  •   Article about our work and domestic violence 22/05/2011

  •   Domestic Violence in the Charedi community 16/05/2011

    First in a series of articles addressing the topic of domestic violence in the charedi community, including an interview with our director Debbie Gross

  •   Trip to Australia 16/03/2011

    Debbie Gross, founder and director of the crisis center is on her way home from a tremendously successful lecture tour in Sydney and Melbourne, where she was the guest of the Jewish Taskforce Organization Here is one article about the trip. More details can be found on the taskforce's website, below.

  •   Newsletter Purim 2011 21/02/2011

    Our latest newsletter (for Purim) has gone to the printer, here it is online

  •   Article about Bat Melech Shelter (in Hebrew) 31/01/2011

    find out more about Bat Melech at

  •   We sure are busy .... 03/01/2011

    The demand for our prevention workshops is growing all the time, as more and more people realize the importance of teaching children to watch out for themselves. Our staff has given hundreds of workshops in the last quarter of 2010. Here's just one of the thankyou letters we've recently received.

  •   Thanks to all our donors! 22/11/2010

    Thanks to all the generous friends who responded to our Rosh Hashana mailing.

  •   Newsletter Rosh Hashana 2010 24/08/2010

  •   Rav Shlomo Aviner speaks out about sexual abuse 03/08/2010

    Rav Shlomo Aviner in his video blog discusses the importance of teaching our children about the dangers they may encounter. Note the unsolicited plug for our workshops!

  •   Ariel Youth Movement training course 26/07/2010

    The Ariel Youth Movement is the first youth movement to undertake a comprehensive project to teach their members how to keep themselves safe from sexual assualt. Ariel has chosen a number of young men and women who are being trained by our director Debbie Gross in how to give our workshops to children of various ages. They will then be giving the workshops in Ariel clubhouses all around the country. Kol Hakavod to Ariel for this initiative!

  •   Interview with Debbie Gross, Crisis Center Director 04/07/2010

  •   Hurray!!! We have been granted Isaeli tax deduction status! 05/05/2010

  •   JOBOP: 02/05/2010

    The Crisis Center is seeking a professional for councelling victims, and co-ordinating assistance of various kinds (hospital and legal accompaniement, advising hotline volunteers etc.) Qualifications: Masters degree in appropriate field and experience in one-on-one therapy. Suitable religious women candidates can send their cv to

  •   Religious MK's tour the crisis center 23/03/2010

    6 members of Ichud Haleumi and Habayit Hayehudi toured our center yesterday, and met with members of our board of directors. Director Debbie Gross spoke about the important work we do, and plans for future projects. (for more pictures see link).

  •   Wow! We made the Jerusalem Post. 08/03/2010

    "Nice girls don't get raped"

  •   Volunteers Evening Out 03/03/2010

    Each year on the anniversary of the founding of the center, we host a "birthday party", an evening where we get together and show our appreciation for our 100+ volunteers. This year's event featured a screening of the film "Eshet Cohen" followed by discussion groups. I've included some photos here, of our staff and volunteers (shown from the back to protect their anonymity). For more photos see our album on facebook (link below).

  •   we're on facebook! 13/01/2010

    The crisis center has opened a page on facebook, where you can read about our work, and join discussions about related topics. please become a fan of our page!

  •   20/12/2009

  •   20/12/2009

  •   December 2009 - Chanukah 20/12/2009

    Our educational staff are enjoying a few days of vacation after the intense work of the last very busy months. In the course of the last two months we have given over 180 workshops in schools from Hadera and Migdal Ha'emek in the north to Netivot in the south. Members of our staff have also spoken before groups of Rabbis, students at Hebrew Union College, police investigators, parents and teaching staff. Besides our staff of 6 trained workshop facilitators, we have added a group of young men volunteers to our staff. These men participated in a special training course over the summer, and have proved a wonderful addition to our team! They have been a huge success with elementary school boys, and the staff members who have watched them in action couldn't stop singing their praises! But most importantly, this move enables us to reach additional populations who attend all-boys schools where women were not able to give workshops. Of course, although schools are on vacation around the country and the malls and hotels are crowded with families on holiday, our hotline continues to function round the clock, manned by our over 100 dedicated volunteers. Best Wishes for a happy Chanukah!

Address: P.O.B. 10207,Jerusalem
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