Hotline for Refugees and Migrants
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The Hotline for Refugees and Migrants (HRM), established in 1998, is a non-partisan, not for profit organization, dedicated to (a) promoting the rights of migrant workers and refugees and (b) eliminating trafficking of persons in Israel.
We use a three pronged approach in assisting our target groups:
Crisis Intervention: Providing information and solutions to those detained and exploited. Volunteers have assisted more than 47,000 migrant workers, refugees and trafficking survivors through our telephone hotline, direct consultation and visits to detention centers.

Legal Action: Filing suits and petitions promoting public accountability and enforcement of the rule of law. Through use of a variety of legal tools including petitions to the High Court of Justice, we work to ensure that existing laws protecting basic human rights are implemented. For example, with our partners we succesfully petitioned for judicial review over detention orders for migrants slated for deportation and promoted the abolition of government policy binding workers to their employers. We also received a precedent-setting ruling, which decided that survivors of trafficking are not required to prove damages to receive redress in civil cases.

    Categories of Activities:
  • Bridging Social Divides
  • Civil Liberties
  • Human Rights
  • Legal Aid
  • Social Action

The HRM was founded by a group of citizens disturbed by the exploitation and abuse of migrant workers in Israel. With initial assistance from the NGO Kav La’Oved, the HRM was able to fill a critical deficiency in existing services by assisting foreigners under arrest and slated for deportation. Through trips to detention centers, we came into contact with other groups in need of assistance including survivors of sex and labor trafficking, unaccompanied foreign minors and refugees. In addition to direct service, our work has expanded to include legal advocacy, public policy activities, public education and training of government officials. Hotline organization and staff have received much acclaim in recognition of their positive contributions to Israeli society and the target populations. This includes the Israeli government's National Prize for Combating Trafficking in Persons, which the organization received in 2009.

Board of Directors: Ms. Myriam Darmoni, ,Prof. Naomi Chazan,Dr. Michael Alexander,Ms. Nitza Kantor,Ms. Ellen Kuchli,Dr. Miri Osin,Dr. Galia Sabar ,Mr. Aviel Zilber
Staff and Management We have 4 full-time and 7 part-time staff members
Our C.E.O. is Ms. Reut Michaeli
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