Ir Amim
580361202 | Operates in:  Jerusalem
Civil/Political Organization (General)
Ir Amim (“City of Nations”) aspires to a more viable and equitable Jerusalem, shared by 2 political communities -Israeli and Palestinian, and to create conditions for a future political resolution in Jerusalem.
Ir Amim works to halt harmful unilateral actions - that impede equitability, undermine Jerusalem’s stability, or threaten to derail negotiations on final status issues. Our daily monitoring, and ongoing policy and legal advocacy form the basis of this work.

Ir Amim also works to re-orient the public discourse on Jerusalem away from the myth of a "Unified Jerusalem," by focusing on the realities and long-term ramifications of current Israeli policies. Thousands of people each year learn about the complexities of East Jerusalem via our study tours, media work, films, briefings, and educational programs.

Ir Amim also supports Palestinian grassroots civil society and institutional-building efforts. We help to build capacity of Palestinian organizations and institutions in Jerusalem, in order to counter growing despair and improve the quality of life in East Jerusalem.
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27 King George Street,
Jerusalem, 94581
Tel: 02-6222858
Fax: 02-6233369

Contact: Deganit Ben Shitrit
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