Carmel Fire Relief Fund: Supporting Evacuated Families and Immediate Needs

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The fires in the Carmel Forest have stopped, but the reconstruction and rehabilitation are just beginning. The JNF has decided that it will not begin planting trees for some months, but families whose homes were destroyed or damaged are in need of immediate aid. Since the beginning of the fires, the Carmel Fire Relief Fund, organized by IsraelGives, the main website of Israel's non-profit community, has been providing immediate aid to affected families and to firefighters, via local relief agencies working in the field.  We're now working hard with the relief organiz ations to meet the needs of affected communities and families, and for this we need your help. To see a list of current needs, and how you can help, please scroll down below.

To make a US tax-deductible donation to the Carmel Relief Fund, which will go immediately to organizations providing aid in the region, click here.

Immediate Needs:

Yemin Orde Recovery

Yemin Orde is youth village and orphanage in the Carmel, housing 500 children between the ages of 9-19. The youth village has been completely destroyed and the children evacuated to other parts of Israel. We are organizing an immediate collection for Yemin Orde of the following items:

Clothes for boys/girls between the ages of 9-19

Furniture: Beds, dressers, couches, tables, and chairs.

Electrical items: Computers, stoves, fridges, microwaves

Educational items: Books, writing materials

Other Immediate needs of organizations operating in the field:

From the Heart: Central recruitment of volunteers To register contact: 050-4123111.

Light Upon Education: In immediate need of volunteers with cars. Please contact Lior Lapid at 050-2203711

Im Tirzu: We continue to collect equipment and materials to help in reconstruction, as well as food and toiletries to any firefighters still in the field. We're recruiting volunteers for a weekend of renovation (cleaning, painting, removing destroyed materials) in Yemin Orde and other places. We accepted a donation from Shulav of hundreds of pairs of children's clothes, and students from the Givat Ram campus of the Hebrew University will transport the materials there over the course of the week. We're also offering to host in Jerusalem families from the Carmel Region. To register as a volunteer, contact 054-6650136.

Yedid: Looking for legal volunteers to help in areas related to damaged small businesses, property and home loss, particularly specialists in insurance law, to work with people affected by the disaster. Also in need of psychiatric trauma experts. Contact .

Meir Panim: We are distributing 1000 sandwiches and hot meals to firefighting crews in the area, and to evacuated families. Today (December 7) we're sending a truck full of equipment, clothes, games, and furniture to Yemin Orde.

Conservative Movement of Israel: The movement's members providing housing and food to affected families. We opened a hotline on Friday and our members flooded us with offers to help and to host families. Our Youth movement visited firefighters in the field, bringing with them food and refreshment, and helping them to celebrate (as much as possible) the Chanukah holiday. The Moriah community in Haifa hosted students from abroad who were evacuated and collected and purchased clothes for the children of the destroyed youth village of Yemin Moshe. We're now evaluating how we can help in the reconstruction efforts, through volunteering or financial aid, to return the Carmel its color and communities.

Ahavat Israel For Needy: Housing evacuees, food and drink distribution, transport, provision of toiletries and basic items. Distributed food baskets tonight, Sunday, December 5, thanks to your donations.

Alzheimer's Association: Our Haifa branch has been providing telephone support to affect centers. We continue to provide aid to local municipalities.

Yad Beyad Lod: On Thursday night we sent the organization's truck full of supplies, and our volunteers distributing hundreds of blankets in the youth center in Tirat Carmel, Nir Etzion, and Merkaz Merav.

SPCA Haifa: Right now we have enough volunteers willing to help care for injured animals. But we are in need of dried food. In our offices we're housing 200 dogs and cats, and our daily consumation is 80 KG of food. Contact: 04-8729696, 052-8729500.

Rishon Loves Animals: Our volunteers were in the region since Thursday, caring for affected animals and distributing food. After consulting with local organizations, we concluded that additional aid on our part isn't necessary, and returned to our region to continue our local operations.

Elmisk: Providing aid to the Ousfia community. Contact 052-2702685

Let the Animals Live: Since Thursday we've been distributing food to local abandoned animals in Yemin Moshe, Beit Oren, Nir Etzion, and Ein Hod. We have also rescued burned animals from Yemin Moshe.

Natan Natan is currently on the ground, organizing local volunteers. We have begun to provide psycho-social care to displaced families and to firefighters, and are helping to organize local communities. Fresh back from Haiti, we have been distributing equipment as needed to rescue crews.

Let the Animals Live Haifa: Currently evacuating animals from the affected regions. Already evacuated animals from the Ein Hod region.

United Hatzalah: Has been continuously providing aid to firefighters. Now is in need of restocking its Northern district with Burn Treatment Kits, Oxygen Tanks with regulator, filter masks, and medic response kits.

The National Association of GLBT in Israel: Hosting evacuated families and recruiting volunteers to host additional families.

NATAL: Opened a trauma hotline for victims and affected families, and crews are currently operating in the region, providing trauma relief. Our focus in on aiding the families of the prison guards killed on Friday.

Yad Yechezkel Jerusalem: Distributing food-cards to allow affected families to purchase groceries in local stores.

Hazon Yeshaya Institutions: Distributing food to affected families.

For questions, please contact IsraelGives by email at

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