The Carasso Science Park

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The Carasso Science Park was designed to inspire, intrigue, educate and motivate people of all ages, with emphasis on schoolchildren, understanding that one must foster leadership in order for it to happen.

The Carasso Science Park is spread over 4.25 acres and was established to give visitors exposure to Israel’s scientific and technological innovations, discoveries and rich history, all under one roof. This is the largest Science Park in Israel, and acts as a magnet for new tourism in the Negev, helping to improve the economic growth in the region. Community engagement plays a major role in the day to day operations at the park. Continually striving to reach our target communities – youth, students, educators, underserved communities,etc.; it is our belief that our success is not measured solely by the number of visitors that walk through our gates, rather by serving the wider communities in which we coexist, while collaborating effectively with those who share geographic proximity but would not be able to visit by their own means. To reach our target audience, we must embrace our wider communities.

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