BINA: The Jewish Movement for Social Change

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BINA: THE JEWISH MOVEMENT FOR SOCIAL CHANGE is the leading movement at the intersection of Jewish pluralism and social action in Israel today.

BINA works to strengthen Israel as a democratic, pluralistic and just society through limud (Jewish study) , ma’ase (social action) and kehilla (community-building), emphasizing Jewish culture and values of tikkun olam (repairing the world). BINA aims to create new Israeli and global Jewish leadership empowered to make change locally and globally.


100,000+ participants each year and growing:

500+ BINA's Beit Midrash: A home for Jewish thought, scholarship, learning, writing, adult education courses, and speakers' bureau - led by leading scholars of Israel's Jewish cultural renaissance, including: Ari Elon, Dov Elbaum, Muki Tsur, Yona Arzi, Dr. Shosh Shapira.

7000+ HaYeshiva HaHilonit ("The Secular Yeshiva"): A center for Jewish service learning for young adults from across Israel and the Jewish world. A hub for public events that mark and celebrate Jewish-Israeli holidays in new ways. Now with campuses in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and Beer Sheva!
10,000+ BINA in the Neighborhood: A model for community organizing driven by Jewish learning, in disadvantaged urban neighborhoods. Projects include adult study groups, women’s empowerment groups, support for at-risk youth and elderly, community event organizing, and more.
18,000 + BINA Seminar Center: Cultural-educational workshops and activities on Jewish culture, identity, democracy and social justice. For students, educators, social workers, IDF soldiers, international visitors, and more.

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