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SPCA Israel (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel), established in 1927, is the most long-standing organization in Israel dealing in animal welfare.

Since its establishment, the SPCA has been run as an NPO, administered by a volunteer committee, with its principle aim being the prevention of cruelty and suffering in animals.

SPCA Israel offers a variety of services to the public, including: sheltering abandoned animals and finding them adoptive homes, a veterinary clinic, pet kennels, a rescue department and the Department of Humanistic Education that runs educational activities to groups of all ages and all sectors. The SPCA has a spacious stable where horses and donkeys that suffered abuse and neglect are rehabilitated .The Society is also active at the Parliamentary level, promoting laws for animal welfare.

According to SPCA policy, its doors are open at all times to all animals that need shelter and protection. In addition, as a result of many years' experience, the SPCA created a process called "Responsible Adoption", the aim of which is to reach maximum compatibility between animal and adopter, so that the animal will be raised in its new home for many years. All the dogs and cats that are given out for adoption are sterilized or spayed. These principles were determined in order to reduce uncontrolled proliferation, to minimize the number of stray animals and from our commitment to prevent animal suffering.

The wide range of activities carried out by the SPCA over so many years is made possible thanks to donations. Our deepest appreciation for their generosity and kindheartedness goes to those who contributed, as well as to the volunteers, all of whom constitute our partners on our chosen path.

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