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Emunah, amongst Israel’s leading social action organizations, aims to strengthen Israeli society and the Jewish family, Emunah’s activities focus on education, legislation and social welfare. World Emunah is the international arm of Emunah Israel

Emunah has spent over 80 years creating a better future for Israel’s vulnerable children. This is our mission.
Since its foundation in 1935, Emunah has grown to become one of the top providers of social welfare services throughout Israel. We care of 12,000 children and their families almost every day of the week
Emunah cares for those children whose lives are in danger and whom no-one else wants. Through our comprehensive network of children’s homes, day care centers, counselling centers, schools, and community centers, Emunah provides a safe and nurturing environment for Israel’s most desperate children at risk. We meet their physical, emotional, psychological and social needs with a unique combination of professional expertise and timeless Jewish family values.
Emunah meets head on the challenges of Israel’s rapidly changing social needs and crises in the face of the cruelest of childcare issues: trauma, physical, sexual and emotional abuse, addiction, poverty, domestic violence and profound neglect.
Emunah works hand in hand with the Israeli government playing a central role in social welfare provision across Israel.
We have faith (Emunah) that we can break the cycles of distress and transform the lives of the children in our care

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