L.O. - Combat Violence against Women
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No to Violence Against Women began its activities in September 1977. Our organization has brought about change in the attitude and awareness of the Israeli society to the problem of domestic violence.
Ruth Rasnic is the Chairman of the organization, Daniela Kehat is the executive director of the organization, with a part-time accounts worker and an administrative assistant.
There are additional professional workers: psychotherapist, drama or arts therapists, biblio- therapy, animal fondling, mother & child training, etc.
Volunteer cosmeticians, hairdressers, reflexology, martial arts, helping children with their studies and computer skills.
We are proud to point out that in all three shelters we have staff workers who were former residents at our shelters.
Directors of our shelters are:
Dorit Dagan – Herzliya
Dalit Ashuri – Hedera
Haya Burshtein – Rishon Le Zion

    Categories of Activities:
  • Saving Lives
  • Aid for the Needy
  • Legal Aid
  • Social Action
  • Political Action
  • Social Welfare
  • Housing
  • Rehabilitation

At our shelters we constantly organize lectures and day seminars to members of the Knesset, soldiers, police officers, students, medical professionals, women’s organizations, etc. We go out to various locations and instruct at police academy, university, college as well as high school students. The director of our Hotlines is Dr. Ina Pazin, who runs the training courses for all new volunteers as well as organizes and operates our 24 hour Hotlines with some 60 volunteers.

Board of Directors: Ruth Rasnic
Staff and Management We have 30 full-time and 10 part-time staff members
Our C.E.O. is Daniela Kehat
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Address: P.O.Box 5941 Herzliyya 4615802, Herzliyya
Tel: 09-9563687
Website: www.no2violence.co.il/