House of Wheels (Beit HaGalgalim)

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Beit Galgalim - House of Wheels is a long-established Israeli non-profit organization dedicated to providing enrichment activities for children with disabilities, emphasizing the development of social skills necessary for inclusion in the community.

The House of Wheels mission is to support and advance the social abilities, integration and independence of severely physically- challenged children and young adults.
- Help physically-handicapped young people develop life and social skills.
- Provide a regular social outlet for those who may not have other options
- Delay out-of-home placement for disabled youth by allowing family members a "break" in their ongoing care taking.
- Create a change in society's attitude towards people with disabilities through activities, lectures and community events in schools and elsewhere.
- Assist graduates of the House of Wheels find meaningful employment.
- Coach participants in the House of Wheels to use services and cultural opportunities in their communities.
- Build pro-active solidarity among volunteers, professionals and families in various sectors.
- Work towards full integration of people with special needs in the community.

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