Tzofim Israel Scouts

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  • Social Welfare
  • Israeli-Palestinian Co-operation
  • Peace
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Tzofim ( Israeli Scouts) is a multicultural organization that educates Israel’s youth to self reliance, self confidence, social responsibility and leadership in the spirit of pluralistic society and Zionism.

Tzofim encourages teens to act, engage and benefit their communities, while teaching them scouting life skills.
One of the main goals of the Zofim is to enable every Israeli teen who wishes to be part of the Tzofim, to join, regardless of religious background or financial ability. A third of the Tzofim youth comes from the periphery and underserved neighborhoods. The pioneering spirit and leadership work, done in the periphery is a beacon of light and strength in Israeli democracy today.

Tzofim emphasis on inclusion of special needs kids and at youth risk in its main activities is a banner that exemplifies our core values, which foster pluralism and inclusion. We work on building an exemplary society in Israel. Enabling special needs and at youth risk requires resources and long term commitment. Join us and together we will help every kid who wants to be part of our Tzofim family, from special needs to at youth risk -they all have a place with us. Tzofim is building an exemplary democratic society that enables
all of its parts to grow and contribute in order to fulfill Israel Zionist dream.

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