Yeshiva of Alexander, Mosdos Alexander (Beth Israel Tiferet Menachem)

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Set up to establish and develop religious institutions and charitable and religious study advocates the spirit of Hasidism Alexander administer them and hold them.

Alexander were established with the goal of infusing future generations of chassidim, Torah scholars and Yirei Hashem, with the path conveyed by the holy Rebbes. It is in this path that we live our lives, guided by the giants of the generation who exude the Torah, Yiras Shamayim, purity and chassidus that make up Chassidus Alexander.
Hundreds of avreichim and yeshivah students who are raised on the fundamentals of the chassidus and following the path of their forbears - among them great Rabanim Daynnim and talmidei chachamim - sanctify the Name of Hashem with their pleasant demeanor and refined character.

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