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Established in 1906, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem is proud to be recognized as Israel’s preeminent academic institution for art, design and architecture.

For more than a century, Bezalel has served as a magnet for people who dare to dream, dare to do.

Filled with principles and passions, talent and vision, the Academy's 2500 students embark on a demanding quest to acquire the tools and training to hone their talents and perfect their craft. During the course of their education, they are taught to meet the challenges of today’s global society and blaze their own unique trail in tomorrow’s world.

Bezalel epitomizes the essence of Israeli art and design and has been a crucial catalyst in the country’s cultural development. Its unique status in Israeli history and society is the foundation for its conviction that educating and training aspiring artists requires endowing them with values and the seeds of responsible citizenship as well as skills.

Bezalel is known for its excellence in educating and enriching generations of aspiring artists, designers and architects; and for inspiring original thought, furthering tolerance and for promoting freedom of expression and creative liberty that expand cultural horizons and impact conventional beliefs. The Academy encourages its students and faculty to use their distinctive skills and viewpoints to embrace humanistic and human-centred approaches to art and design.

Bezalel offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in a myriad of disciplines: architecture and urban design; fashion and jewellery; fine arts; glass and ceramics; industrial design; photography; screen-based arts; and visual communication. Degree programs are also offered in theory and policy of the arts and visual and material culture.

Typified by pioneering originality and creativity, Bezalel continues to innovate, transforming culture and advancing art and design at home and abroad.

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