Israel SPCA, Ramat Gan
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At Israel SPCA, Ramat Gan we help any animal in need, including the weak and the old.
We are committed to building bridges between humans and animals in a variety of creative and fruitful ways, and work to promote values of compassion and tolerance.
Our activities include: rescue, shelter and food, medical care, rehabilitation, training and adoptions.
We do not put down healthy animals!
We are committed to strengthening human-animal relations, and do so in a variety of ways including:
•educational activities in schools and youth centers – to promote better human-animal coexistence
•Encouraging volunteer activities and accepting volunteers of all ages and backgrounds, including pupils and youth, national service volunteers, students, retired citizens etc.
•Collaborating with other organizations, including municipal authorities, and other human and animal aid organizations and finding creative opportunities to tighten human-animal bonds.
We conduct activities aimed at assisting groups with special needs through interactions with animals and exposure to animal welfare issues and humane values, such as compassion and helping the weak.

    Categories of Activities:
  • Volunteering
  • Environment
  • Animal Rights
  • Education
  • Animal Welfare
  • Saving Lives

Israel SPCA, Ramat Gan is one of the first organizations in Israel helping animals in need. Mrs Greta Biran founded the animal shelter of Israel SPCA, Ramat Gan and Vicinity in the summer of 1944. Throughout the years we have taken care of thousands of animals, and, thanks to our volunteers, have saved and found warm and loving homes for most of them, while continuing to take care of those that have not been adopted. We are located right at the heart of the Tel-Aviv metropolitan area, which makes us available to a very large community of potential adopters, and to animals in need. Our central location allows many volunteers from neighboring schools and community centers to come and help us improve the quality of life of the animals residing in our shelter We have mobilized hundreds of individuals in our community to become more active and volunteer, and our animal shelter is a focal point for grass roots community building which goes far beyond just animal welfare.

Board of Directors: Adi Elgarat,Keren Kalif,Guy Meiri
Staff and Management We have 3 full-time and 1 part-time staff members
Our C.E.O. is Danit Debre
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Address: 4 Hafetz Haim Street, Tel Aviv - Yafo
Tel: 050-7795477