ALYN Hospital: Pediatric & Adolescent Rehabilitation Center

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  • Shmaryahu Levin St. 84, P.O. Box 9117, Jerusalem 9109002, Jerusalem
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ALYN Hospital is one of the world's leading specialists in pediatric rehabilitation and is the only facility of its kind in Israel.

ALYN's belief is that it is every child's right to have the highest quality of life attainable and to this end ALYN provides every patient and their family members with all the necessary tools to enable these youngsters to learn how to cope with their condition. The ultimate aim of ALYN is to rehabilitate the youngsters in its care and to return them to their families and to the community as quickly as possible, having provided them with the skills to function as productive, and where possible, independent citizens.
ALYN Hospital is an officially registered non-profit facility and as such receives no automatic Government support whatsoever. Only a portion of every child's rehabilitation costs is reimbursed by the Israel Health Funds or other referring agencies. Consequently the Hospital has to raise funds through donations in order to bridge the ever fluctuating "gap" between these fixed rates and the actual costs of the quality and quantity of the high level multidisciplinary rehabilitation services which are provided to all children who are treated in ALYN. In addition, ALYN has to raise 100% of the donations needed to underwrite the costs of the Hospital's development budget, which includes the purchase of new/replacement equipment, research, special projects and programs.

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