Israel Association of Writers in English
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Purpose: Encourage Israeli English-language writing and publishing, give support to local English-language writers, strengthen overseas ties for Israeli writers by translations and publicity, participate in the Israel Federation of Writers Unions.
We publish and internationally distribute an annual journal consisting of new Israeli writing in English by our members and others. We hold public readings and we help host writers from overseas. We have our own publishing imprint to grace our members' books, and we publicize our members' books on our website. We distribute information of local literary interest by e-mail. We have participated in translation projects. Given more funds, we would like to operate creative-writing seminars, to distribute our journal more widely and frequently, and to publish worthwhile books at our own expense (rather than relying the authors' generosity), including original work in English; translations into English from Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, and other languages; and translations from English. We would like to hold contests and to provide scholarships and other grants to deserving authors. We would like to fund visits of Israeli authors overseas and of overseas authors to Israel.

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The amuta was founded in 1980 to serve as the English-language affiliate of the Israel Federation of Writers Unions, in recognition of the growing number of Israeli writers whose native language or preferred language is English. In 1982, we established our literary journal, and since then we have published it annually or as close to annually as funds permit. Since 1999 we have been working together with the overall writers' federation to publish books, although we have seldom had a budget for helping to cover expenses. We have mounted public readings to mark the publication of books and of issues of our journal, and occasionally simply to present our members' writings and invite other writers to an open mike. We have cooperated with the local French writers in a mutual translation project. Our distribution list for e-mail announcements of literary interest has grown to number in the hundreds. Our representative has been quite active in the Israel Federation of Writers Unions.

Board of Directors: Karen Alkalay-Gut,Dara Barnat ,Jerome Mandel,Mark Levinson,Lois Friefeld
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