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“Kehilla” (a non-profit organization) was established in 1996 by members of the urban kibbutz Tamuz and other residents of Beit Shemesh. Kehilla’s mission is to create models of caring communities that will be part of the Jewish renaissance in Israe

Integration of Ethiopian children into Tamuz Early Childhood Centers: This pre-school program operates for children from ages 1-3 years from Beit Shemesh. A quarter of the children are from the Kibbutz, other children are referred to us by the Welfare department, and the remainder are living in the neighborhood of the kibbutz and come from stable families interested in quality education for their children. The Centers are a combination of religious and secular children and as such the Center operate with a pluralistic approach. In the centers we operate an integration program for Ethiopian children aimed to preserve their culture while integrating them into Israeli society by developing language and social skills in the early childhood stage.

Citizen’s Rights Center – Beit Shemesh: Citizens are empowered to enable them to utilize their rights. The center also serves as a place to make systematic change were there are general problems that relate to a group in the population. Encourages the creation of social networks & dialogue between different groups in the population. Our 20 volunteers assist 500 people per year.

Weaving a neighborhood: A project that operates a central committee for the residents of a neighborhood consisting of approximately 120 families of low social-economic standing. The role of the committee is to create a social fabric that improves the lives of all residents of the neighborhood, socially and culturally.

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