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SOS Pets Israel was founded in 1979 by Riki Bassry and has been since working tirelessly for the welfare and rescue of thousands of dogs and cats.

Finding homes for abandoned dogs and cats - Since our establishment we have managed to rehome over 40,000 dogs and cats. Each month, the organization works on finding new homes for about 200 cats and dogs, through our open adoption days, social media and website.

Dog unit - The organization is in constant contact with local municipalities to rescue dogs scheduled for euthanasia from local shelters. In addition we treat injured dogs, funding lifesaving operations, hospital admissions and then rehabilitation through the help of volunteers and foster homes, this until the animals can be safely rehomed.
Cat unit – in Israel, stray cats are a big problem with an estimate of over 2 million in Israel alone! The solution lies in neutering them, thereby reducing the number of unwanted and uncared for animals. SOS Pets runs a capture and neuter project, which allow local municipalities and private owners to neuter cats in a humane way and at a reduced cost.

Our cat unit also helps injured and sick cats. Each month we save, treat and rehabilitate many cats that were injured in car accidents or became ill while living on the streets. In addition we operate organized feeding stations.

Lost and found service center – over the years we have managed to reunite hundreds of lost pets with their owners.

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