Light to the World

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To found, to set up branches for lending medical and rehabilitation equipment free of charge to those who are in need of it to ease the care of the suck, disabled or elderly at home.

Light to the World established 12 branches for lending medical equipment, operated by voluntary workers.
Purchase of new medical equipment to our 12 branches was made possible by our donors.

In the 12 branches of Light to the World, we work in the area of lending medical equipment through our national network of branches, and thus provide a solution for families who do not have the means to purchase expensive medical equipment in time of need.

Because of the variety medical equipment Light to the World lends, services are provided to thousands from the public: children, women and men, veteran residents and new immigrants – without differentiation.

Light of the World's branches were founded in towns which had no parallel service according the Meyors' request.

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