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Rachashei Lev has been a leading supporter of child cancer patients and their families since 1989. Every year, we assist approximately 500 children and youth with cancer, regardless of religion, race, gender or socioeconomic status.

Addressing social, educational and psychological needs, our highest priorities are raising kids’ morale and helping them contend with the challenges of the disease.

Daily support – from diagnosis through all stages of care | Rachashei Lev has adopted the pediatric oncology departments at Sheba Medical Center and Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, providing daily support and activities for kids and their families. Rachashei Lev employs professional staff and 24 Israeli National Service volunteers, and has a network of 350 mentors and volunteers providing guidance and personal support. The volunteers accompany the children daily during examinations and treatment to divert their attention from pain and fear. Our Support team members are on call 7/24 to help hospitalized children.

Hospital unit assistance | Rachashei Lev provides patients and their parents with a range of services and equipment during hospitalization, including computers, TVs, comfortable armchairs, book and video libraries, game carts, a laugh room, a snack room and light meals. Services include referrals to medical professionals, psychological counseling, occupational therapy, alternative medicine, financial assistance to families in need, ambulance services and paramedical equipment rental. We install free multimedia systems at dozens of children's bedsides at Sheba, and help acquire and upgrade departmental medical equipment, such as chemotherapy pumps, monitors, ECG machines and beds.

Activities throughout the year | Rachashei Lev hosts performances and events featuring celebrities, including individual and group birthday parties. We work to fulfill wishes, visit children at home and host trips, fun days, camps and international vacations to places such as Orlando, the Netherlands and Prague. These activities help kids escape the hospital, enjoy family time and garner energy.

Daily activity center | The activity center adjacent to Sheba’s ambulatory care center invites children to play with the Rachashei Lev team and to participate in extracurricular activities and fascinating workshops, even during chemotherapy infusions. The leisure center includes a drink and snacking corner, a pre-school playroom and art room, computers, TVs, musical instruments and games.

The Children’s House | In 2007, the Beit Hayeled Children’s House was inaugurated on the grounds of Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer. The Children’s House is a luxury motel for children and their families, providing a warm and loving home in a cozy and protective family atmosphere during the time of their treatment.

Medication and treatment subsidies | Rachashei Lev helps purchase medicines not covered under insurance, rare medications and unique therapies, and funds second opinions from international oncology specialists, targeted radiotherapy and life-saving surgeries abroad.

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