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The Association's mission is to provide equal access to essential treatment for every child and student in Israel diagnosed with ASD, regardless of gender, ethnic/religious background, or place of residence
ACR remains at the forefront, the largest and most established organization providing diagnosis, treatment, and therapeutic intervention for toddlers and schoolchildren with ASD. Critical to fulfilling our mission is the creation of services that are accessible to children in their natural environment, be it in daycare centers, preschools, or schools. ACR provides training for its ASD professionals, and serves some 2,000 children throughout Israel in 200 childcare centers, preschools, and treatment centers, as well as through our "In-School" program for schoolchildren.

The therapeutic kindergartens, day-care centers and schools which the Association works in provide the children with an intensive therapeutic plan through multi-professional teams from various fields: psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, art, music and drama therapists, integration coordinators, cognitive therapists as well as psychiatrists and neurologists. The treatment is carried out by planning and establishing the most appropriate treatment plan for each child, and encourages the involvement of the families and the child's surroundings to ensure the most intensive and effective treatment and progress for the child.

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The Association for Children at Risk was founded in 1991 due to the lack of a proper educational-therapeutic treatment program for young children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The Association was built on the premise, which research has proven, that developmental disorders can be diagnosed quite early, towards the end of the child’s first year, and that if children at this early age receive massive treatment by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, then, and only then, they will have a chance to improve - sometimes dramatically. In 2013, the Association expanded its reach to students from grade 1 – 12 through its educational support system program for Autistic children in schools. The Association works closely with professionals from the health, education and social services systems and numerous municipalities throughout the country. One of the organization's most notable accomplishments is the Israeli Ministry of Health's adoption of the organization's recommended basket of therapeutic services for toddlers and children diagnosed with ASD that is funded by the Ministry of Finance. In addition, The Cohen-Harris Resilience Center is a professional center, established by the "Association for Children at Risk" in 2001. The Cohen-Harris Resilience Center develops and implements nationwide child-oriented programs to enhance resilience skills to cope with routine and emergency stress for individuals, families, communities, institutions and whole cities.

Board of Directors: Prof. Benad Goldwasser,Adv. Hagit Bachar,Prof. Yosef Frost,Dr. Shlomo Segev,Dr. Rivi Sherman
Staff and Management We have 37 full-time and 863 part-time staff members
Our C.E.O. is Adv. Tzipi Nagel Edelstein
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