Kvutzat Reut (Beit Israel)
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We in Kvutzat Reut are working to ensure that the next generation of Israeli leaders possesses knowledge of diverse Jewish lifestyles and traditions, as well as the sensitivity, drive, and confidence to impact society for the better.
Modern day pioneers, religious and secular members of the Kibbutz Beit Yisrael live, work, and volunteer in the impoverished Gilo Aleph Housing Project. They founded the “Kvutzat Reut” group, run almost exclusively by volunteers, as a vehicle to promote social responsibility.

Our goals are:
To nurture at-risk children and youth, providing them with the skills they need to break the cycle of poverty and build a better future;

To promote social responsibility, understanding and mutual respect among different Jewish streams.

To strengthen the commitment and involvement of Israeli young adults in social action and social justice.

We work to achieve these goals through Mechinat Beit Yisrael, a yearlong, pre-army leadership development study program. Kvutzat Reut’s other program, Bridges to a Better Future, targets over 380 at-risk children and youth in the neighborhood by providing them with the academic and emotional support they need to succeed.

    Categories of Activities:
  • Bridging Social Divides
  • Empowerment
  • Volunteering
  • Education
  • Judaism
  • Community Centers
  • Pluralism
  • Social Action

In 1992, Kibbutz Beit Yisrael was founded as one of the first ‘urban kibbutzim’ to realize the vision of a pluralistic and just society in Israel’s capital. In order to streamline their activities, kibbutz members founded in 1993 the non-profit “Kvutzat Reut” group. In 1997 Kvutzat Reut founded the Mechina pre army program that has today over 500 graduates. In 1998 Kibbutz Beit Israel was awarded the Knesset Speaker Prize in promoting and encouraging tolerance, mutual respect and understanding and good neighborly relations - in education and practice: In 2003 the head of the Mechina, Hoshea Friedman Ben-Shalom, received the Avi Chai Prize for pioneering initiatives to deepen tolerant discourse in Israeli Jewish society.

Board of Directors:
Staff and Management We have 9 full-time and 16 part-time staff members
Our C.E.O. is Orli Fridman
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Address: 62 Ben Eliezer Aryeh Street (P.O. Box 11232), Jerusalem
Tel: 02-6760580
Website: www.reut.org.il/mehina/default.htm