Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance
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The Jerusalem Open House- a grassroots, activist organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) people and their allies - aims to provide direct services for the LGBT community in our city and to secure LGBT rights in Israeli society.
Our activities are divided into two main areas:

·       Community Support

To provide direct support services for the LGBT community in Jerusalem and to foster cooperation and unity among those of differing faiths, sexual orientations, genders and worldviews.

·       Human Rights Advocacy

To advocate for social change on issues related to the LGBT community, taking action to promote the values of tolerance and pluralism.

    Categories of Activities:
  • Health
  • Bridging Social Divides
  • Volunteering
  • Civil Liberties
  • Human Rights
  • Education
  • Judaism
  • Social Clubs
  • Community Centers
  • Pluralism
  • Social Action
  • Political Action
  • Culture

When the JOH was founded in 1997, many were incredulous as to whether LGBT people even existed in Jerusalem, let alone whether they could sustain a vibrant LGBT center. Much has changed since then. In the intervening years the JOH has firmly established itself in our city, becoming a leading LGBT service and advocacy organization with deeply committed volunteers, hundreds of supporters in Israel and abroad, and thousands touched by our message. Our annual Jerusalem Pride marches have become the largest human-rights demonstrations in Jerusalem, creating an important legal precedent for freedom of speech in Israel. We now run a wide range of programming such as free, anonymous, rapid HIV-testing, a thriving youth program, cultural events and holiday celebrations, all the while advocating for equality on behalf of the LGBT community in Jerusalem and Israel.

Board of Directors: Eitan Schechtman,Saar Gershuni,Sivan Naor,Yossi Wolfson ,Hava Marinov,Gilly Hartal
Staff and Management We have 1 full-time and 6 part-time staff members
Our C.E.O. is Elinor Sidi
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Address: HaSoreg 2 (PO Box 1305), Jerusalem
Tel: 02-6250502