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Sapir College’s Mission is to provide students, with high-quality and accessible college education which offers transformative economic and social mobility.

Sapir is Israel’s only college, located less than two miles from the Gaza border. Despite being under fire for over two decades, it has grown to be one of country’s largest public colleges. Some 8,000 students attend Sapir’s Academic College, Technological College for Practical Engineers, Mechina and Professional Development Center’s programs. Sapir’s diverse student body includes many students who are “first generation” in higher education; 70% come from Israel's southern periphery; 15% come from the Arab Bedouin community; 23% of the students have a range of disabilities. Deeply rooted in the south, Sapir is also the largest employer in the area, with a workforce of 1,300 people. Sapir integrates its ongoing activities with local Western Negev communities, in a wide range of cultural, mental health, legal aid, small business development clinics, entrepreneurial and professional training programs. Known in Israel for its top-level academic tracks, including 15 undergraduate and nine graduate degrees. In addition to providing high level and accessible academic studies, Sapir’s mission is also committed to social change. Our campus has no ivory tower. Our Community Engagement Unit, is the largest student volunteer program in Israel, serves people throughout the region. Sapir runs an international film festival in Sderot, a culture and art festival in Ofakim, a legal clinic, and a clinic for small business development. We collaborate with trauma and resilience centers in surrounding communities, and run the regional radio station. Students and residents work together in together in our Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship's Innovation Labs to develop out-of-the-box solutions that improve people’s everyday lives.

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