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Sadnat Shiluv was established in order to promote the welfare of people with special needs and to teach them the skills needed to have function in the general community. We have a school, employment center and sheltered housing in Gvaot

Sadnat shiluv was established in order to promote the welfare of people with special needs
and to teach them the skills needed to function in the general community. The sadna was started to find a solution for children who were not able to find their place in the existing special-education arrangements.
Over the years, the children with whom we worked at the beginning have grown, their needs have changed, many new children have joined and they too have added many new challenges. We seek to support them through all phases of their lives.
To that end, we have an integrated kindergarten, a special education school and communal living. These are centered in gvaot, which serves as a therapeutic and supportive community. The school incorporates special individualized procedures which help the kids learn by means of movement, crafts and animal care. The school is the only one of its kind in israel in integrating children with various severe disabilities together ith a normative community where they are taught agricultural, physical work skills and where they contribute to the community – with the understanding that every person has the
capacity to work and to contribute.
We provide sheltered employment for mentally-challenged individuals. The organization
specializes in creating programs for learning and advancement for adults as well, so that it is possible to involve even the most limited people in creative and supportive activities through movement and contact with normative populations.
We offer communal living, which integrates our people in a small rural community, gvaot. Today in gvaot there are three apartments with special needs people which are part of the community.
We are constantly concerned with creating interfaces between the families and the residents of the special-needs apartments. Each resident has a host family during the week and for Shabbat meals ,providing a community setting in an open religious-zionist atmosphere.
The sadna is a non-profit organization, and all of these frameworks are officially recognized and supervised by government ministries.

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