Organization for mutual aid in memory of captain Yossi Levi

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The organization aids families in financial needs, funds scholarships for higher education, assists victims of the war, and supports our local first responders.

Organization for Mutual Aid - In Memory of Captain Yossi Levi

Our organization was founded in loving memory of our son Captain Yossi Levi, son of Anat and David, who fell for Kiddush Hashem in Lebanon, December 24th, 1996. Yossi fell leading his soldiers from the elite Egoz unit, returning to base from an operation.

Our foundation quickly, discreetly and efficiently takes care of problems faced by members of our community in northern Israel, just like Yossi acted in life and with his soldiers. Our goal is to help people in any way and field possible: social sphere, education, health, and now in dealing with the repercussions of the war. We want to help refugees from devastated communities, people who were affected by the war, and support our local first responders.

In small communities such as ours dozens of volunteers operate emergency services and quick reaction forces. They are our first responders - for security, search and rescue, medical and other key elements of protecting and aiding the community during a crisis. In this time of war they need more equipment and resources to perform their missions safely, effectively and efficiently. This includes radios, protective gear, rescue gear etc.

The organization operates from our home, and consists of ten volunteers who do not receive pay of any kind. Our budget is based entirely on donations, and we are very grateful to anyone willing to donate so we can spread compassion, safety and abundance during these dark hours.

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