Latet B’Eilat

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    Categories of Activities:
  • Food (Provision and Collection)
  • Saving Lives
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  • Social Welfare

to help needy people in Eilat. The org. is located at “Beit Raphael”/“Raphael House” a soup kitchen which prepares & distributes approx. 500 sandwiches every school day to needy children at Eilat schools & prepares & serves 300 hot meals daily

Since 1995, Mrs. Zilli Nehemya-Grossman has been broadcasting the radio program "Latet" /"To Give" on “The Voice Of The Red Sea” in Eilat - helping to recruit donations for the local needy community.

This is how it all began…

When the late Elias Buganim asked Zilli to help him, she had no idea that the following day Elias would no longer be alive. Immediately after speaking with Elias, Zilli turned to the Eilat radio station, “The Voice Of The Red Sea”, requesting their help for Elias. Zilli tried to recruit assistance from the public health services to treat Elias’s severe case of diabetes... she tried to get the assistance of the social services and other municipal bureaus, but with no success. The radio appeal was broadcast on Friday at 9:30 A.M. Dozens of local citizens offered their help, but tragically Elias died the following day, Shabbat, on the street in Eilat, homeless, his plight ignored by the local authorities. Zilli Nehemya-Grossman arranged a funeral service for Elias

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