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To help actualize the potential of high-school graduates by educating them to involvement & personal development.
Educate the students to personal responsibility and involvement in community life through volunteerism.

We educate our students to contribute to the surroundings and the Jewish Nation.
Our projects are:
1. Bar Mitzvah project- the students of the yeshiva prepare children from the Ethiopian community for their Bar Mitzvah- reading their Torah portion, Haftora, Tefilla, blessings and putting on the Tefillin.
2. Various Lectures- on Zionism, connection to the Israeli society, the importance of contributing to the country and many more issues.
3."G'mach" for food products that are distributed to families all across the northern region.
4. "U-Farazta" - a regional spiritual empowerment center which was established in the Yeshiva and coordinates activities in the settlements of Merom HaGalil. The project connects the children of Merom HaGalil and their parents to the Jewish tradition through lessons and various activities within the settlements weekly, given by the students and Avrechim of the Yeshiva.
5. Forming a core of families in Tfahot.
This year we have opened a Midrasha for girls.

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