Matzmichim – The Israeli Violence Reduction Organization

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The purpose of the Matzmichim center is to reduce violence in the Israeli society and to strengthen democratic patterns by providing tools to educators and students in order to increase a sense of belonging and decrease alienation and aggression

Matzmichim Association, winner of the Knesset Speaker Award, has developed a unique intervention model based on innovative research and breakthroughs in the field of ‘status based aggression’ and runs educational programs for educators to provide tools for effective coping with alienation, exclusion, boycott, virtual violence and more.
Our tools are conveyed to students and teachers through a three-day experiential in-depth workshop. The aim is to establish the idea that students are aware and knowledgeable about the violence that is taking place in their surrounding and have the ability to cope with it and stop it. In addition, training courses are held every year for teacher staffes, in ‘Pisga’ training centers and in collaboration with colleges and universities in Israel and worldwide.
The intervention offered by Matzmichim has a systematic basis which includes pre-training and ongoing guidance to all faculty and management to drive change.
An External Assessment Program conducted in 2018 by Kinneret College examining the impact of our Intervention Program in classrooms found that following the program there was a significant decrease in physical and virtual violence rates and increasing rates of a sense of protection within the class.

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