Chanoch Lenaar

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  • Kiryat Habad 221, Safed, 13410, Zefat
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We are an educational system that presents alternatives to ultra-Orthodox youth at risk, who have experienced a lack of conformity to the regular institutions, or have fallen into disarray.

Chanoch Lenaar is an educational framework that provides an alternative for young people from the ultra-Orthodox sector unable to adapt to standard yeshiva schedules, thereby leading to their absence from all formal learning programs. At the same time, our institution is open to young applicants looking to combine Torah study and work. Our curriculum instills values, life skills, and the tools necessary for proper integration into society and the working world.

Our institution faces serious challenges stemming from two prominent trends in ultra-Orthodox society:

School dropouts – The high demands on students learning in ultra-Orthodox institutions are not suitable for everyone, significantly increasing the school dropout rate. As is known, dropping out of school naturally poses serious dangers for the future of these youngsters.

Economic distress - Many families among the ultra-Orthodox community in Israel exist with great difficulty without any orderly source of material sustenance or the appropriate tools for the heads of these families to make a respectable living with the toil of their own hands.

The challenges confronting those dealing with these two phenomena require the full cooperation of people and organizations that all understand the gravity of the situation and are interested in bringing about the necessary improvements. For this purpose, Israeli government ministries, and friends from all over the world have joined forces – and there is much work to be done.

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