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Established in 2005, Nashim LeGufan (Women and Their Bodies - WTB) is a unique women’s non-profit organization working to promote comprehensive social change in the perceptions and attitudes of women's health, sexuality and reproductive needs in Isra

Our projects, which are enabled by our dedicated base of over 350 volunteers from all professions and walks of life in Israel, include: Publishing the breakthrough books in Hebrew and Arabic (the equivalent of Our Bodies, Ourselves tailored to Israeli reality) – which are the first of their kind in research, scope, knowledge and stories in the Middle East. This included disseminating the books among hundreds of stakeholders from the medical, social work, educational and health fields, as well as thousands of women nationwide. Increasingly, Nashim LeGufan is focusing its work on Empowering Outreach and educational work, based on the knowledge and expertise of the organization's staff, volunteers and books. The outreach component includes conducting thousands of workshops on women and girls' health, reproductive needs and rights, anatomy, body image, sexual development and beyond. For many of our participants these workshops are life-changing, providing them know-how and tools to improve

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