Kids Creating Peace

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 Empowering kids with practical tools which help them make better choices; learn benefits of personal and social responsibility and creating peace within themselves and with others

Kids Creating Peace organisation has put as its mission the strengthening of the human spirit that is within each and every child. We teach children to find their inner voices and make conscious decisions that will put an end to the circle of violence for themselves and for future generations. We lead 2 different programs, one for children aged 8-12 and one for youth. There is no question that teenagers face the challenges of adolescence. They are no longer children but not yet adults. They are adventurous and inexperienced. They seek the guidance which often is unavailable to them. In addition, here in the Middle East teenagers face serious questions regarding their identity, society and the culture they belong to. They deal with the issue of ‘the other’ – the other’s identity as well as their own. They live with constant fear as background. Teenagers in the Middle East lack a lot of knowledge and information about the other. The programme is year long and one of the its missions is enriching adolescents and enabling them to become the engineers of their own lives, allowing them to access their full potential and, quite possibly for the first time, recognize that they can achieve anything in life. The program gives a unique opportunity for teenagers to develop valuable leadership skills that will be integrated in their lives including at school and the wider community. In order to create real deep social change the program is being built in a way that the core group of teenagers that experienced it will lead and facilitate in the program afterwards and create continuation. There is nothing more powerful, for a child that was raised to hate his neighbour, than discovering that all children in spite of their language, background, culture and religion are first of all children, with feelings, desires, dreams and hopes. We see it as one of our main goals to provide and empower these youth with a true dialogue experience, and ultimately see the possibility and ability of building a co-existing life and future together.

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