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Challenge is an Israeli NGO, formed in 2010 to promote Conflict Transformation within both the Israeli and Palestinian arenas.

Our Vision is to transform the reality for all persons residing in the whole land between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River into one based on positive relationships between the different identity groups, with cooperation, integrity and a culture of mutual respect and dialogue.

Based on Conflict Transformation theory, we understand that conflict is not the problem, as it can be a source of growth and development. To reach such an outcome we need to reduce all types of violence – not only the physical kind.

Violence is a multi-faceted phenomenon that has cultural, behavioral, and structural expressions. Violence occurs when an individual or group feels they are deliberately prevented from fulfilling their basic human needs. By understanding why this feeling arise we can design practical steps to reduce the occurrence of violence.

Each project we conduct aims to support activists and practitioners committed to leading a transformation in some specific aspect of our reality. We work simultaneously to address the three components that maintain the violent dynamic between Israelis and Palestinians and within each nation.

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