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"Keshatot Children" raises funds for supporting autistic children, though the funding of treatments and services given to them at their school (the Keshatot Center), which are all aimed at advancing the children.

The "Keshatot" (Rainbow) Center for autistic children functions as a kindergarten and a primary school, for 70 pupils ages 3-13.

The goal of the Center is to enhance the children's ability to participate in mainstream society. A unique program is built for each child, integrating physical, emotional and academic activities.
The kids enjoy a variety of paramedical treatments on a regular basis. Some of these treatments are subsidized by the state (speech therapy, occupational therapy and emotional therapy), but many other treatments, including: animal-assisted therapy, reflexology and martial arts therapy, are funded only by donations.

"Keshatot Children" raises funds to provide these amazing children the best tailored treatment they deserve, including the extra curricular treatments that have proven their great positive affect on autistic children worldwide.

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