Re-Specs Frames for the Needy (R.A.)

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RE-SPECS Frames for the Needy salvages and collects used and surplus glasses frames from all over the world for distribution to needy people in Israel. We work in conjunction with optometrists to facilitate affordable eyewear for the underprivileged.

RE-SPECS Frames for the Needy collects used glasses frames, as well as surplus (new) ones. Our volunteers sort, clean and refurbish them where necessary, to ensure that people receive top-quality frames in excellent condition that are worthy of being re-lensed. In addition, we provide free sight tests and affordable glasses (frames + lenses) to over 2,000 needy individuals referred by social services from 88 cities and towns in Israel at our Ra'anana-Kfar Saba Eye Clinic and satellite branches. Currently, with the help of optometrists, student and adult volunteers, we offer services in Ra'anana-Kfar Saba, Netanya, Modi'in Illit, Bnei Brak, Rehovot, Shfar’am, Ramat Yishai and Kiryat Yearim. Targeting society’s weakest elements - low income families, those receiving food or financial aid via charities, people with disabilities and senior citizens, Holocaust survivors, terror victims, new olim with financial difficulties, single-parent families and lone soldiers - all services are provided for a nominal fee; those who are unable to pay can apply for financial assistance.

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