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We provide long-term individual and group therapy for men/women survivors of child abuse. Few can aford such treatment, and it is therefore often terminated due to financial considerations. We have 8 groups and more than 100 in individual therap.

Our org was established by a victim of brutal sexual abuse from the age of 5 to 20. We provide group therapy for men\women who have been injured by sexual abuse in childhood. Rehabilitation for the abused requires extensive, long-range psychotherapy. Only few can pay for such treatment. Groups are powerful therapeutic tools for sexual abuse survivors.
What's unique about us?
1.There is a serious shortage in mental therapy assistance for those who have experienced sexual abuse in childhood. Long-term therapy groups almost do not exist in Israel.
2.Supervision of the group is by two experienced psychologists, a men and a woman. It is our belief that sitting together with a therapist from the opposite gender is therapeutic.
3.We are the only organization that has groups for men and women survivors of child abuse sitting together. We believe it is therapeutic.
4.We intend to accompanying the groups by a long term research.
Eight groups are already operating and one more will start next year. We also have 110 therapists giving individual long term therapy for a fee of between 13$ and 26$ per session.

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