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Tenufa Bakehila is Israel's largest non-profit home repair organization. Our mission is to wipe out Israel's worst housing distress by carrying out urgent repairs that our poverty-stricken clients cannot afford themselves.

Tenufa Bakehila's professional teams work in 16 cities throughout Israel. In 2019, we completed 402 projects, and since our inception we have repaired over 5,500 homes.

All of our clients are referred to us by municipal social services: primarily single parent families, Holocaust survivors, elderly Israelis, terror victims, soldiers, new immigrants, and needy families in 16 different cities throughout Israel.

Our home repair services: our professional staff provides critical repairs - the repair of leaky roofs, plastering and rebuilding of peeling and crumbling walls and ceilings, replacement of broken kitchen cabinets and countertops, and the repair of electrical, water and drain systems. We also install handrails and other accessibility aids in bathrooms and stairways, all at no cost to our clients.

Repairing the family: our Social Worker reaches out to each family member to connect them with available resources in the areas of employment, education, welfare and more. In this way, our intervention becomes a means through which the family begins to address its long-term challenges.

Our Donors: With the generous help of visionary donors and foundations worldwide, we have been able to grow continuously over the years. Our vision is to expand to 20 more cities throughout Israel's center, thereby wiping out the majority of Israel's worst housing distress.

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