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Sanad’s vision is to live in an inclusive, open and diverse society that
invests in its younger generations, where Palestinian citizens in Israel are
empowered by and proud of their identity and enjoy their rights

Our mission is:
To improve the well-being* of youth and Empower local communities.
It is important to build networks, promote partnerships and get united (while respecting and valuing difference as an enriching factor).
*We use the OECD definition of well-being with its 11 indicators.

Our Goals:
• Promoting human capital by encouraging lifelong learning, the pursuit of quality education as well as meaningful employment among youth.
• Promoting social capital through strengthening social cohesion, trust, collaborations and partnerships within community and organizations, strengthening local organizations through capacity building and encouraging proper institutional management and functioning, as well as promoting social responsibility, civic and political participation of Palestinian youth.
• Promoting social, cultural and economic youth initiatives through providing an infrastructure, organizational framework, support, consultation and through improving the local public space to be a factor in social, cultural and economic prosperity.

Our story:
As an answer to youth movements in the wider region, several local organizations were established, but they lacked stable and sustainable frameworks and infrastructures and eventually had to close. As a direct answer to this vacuum, a group of seven local activists came together to discuss solutions that would provide a sustainable and viable platform to youth groups that want to contribute towards the development of the local community and the strengthening of an inclusive, open and diverse society in the region. After mapping strengths and opportunities, Sanad Youth Association was established in 2012 and officially registered as a non profit organization in 2014.

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