PATHWAYS Institute for Negotiation Education

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PATHWAYS Institute for Negotiation Education is an independent non-profit that works with students, educators, and organizations to develop principled negotiation skills and establish a shared framework for creative problem solving.

“Negotiation” is communicating with other people to try to reach agreements about things that we – and they – want and care about. In this sense, we all negotiate every day with the people around us. Whether with friends, neighbors, teachers, family, bosses or colleagues, the way in which we negotiate deeply affects how we relate to others and what we can accomplish.

Given its central role in our lives, we believe that problem-solving negotiation is a key skill that is an essential part of a well-rounded education. To this end, PATHWAYS works with students, educators and organizations from diverse Hebrew and Arabic-speaking schools and communities to develop skills and a shared language for problem-solving negotiation based on methodology developed by the Harvard Negotiation Project.

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