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At KeepOlim, we change and save lives every day! We are a post-aliyah non-profit that provides vital programs, services, advocacy, and support to all Olim from around the world.

Unlike most other Olim organizations, KeepOlim is committed to serving the needs of Olim from ALL countries and backgrounds. Our Tikva by KeepOlim Mental Health Program has provided counseling to over 650 Olim from our amazing team of dedicated therapists speaking over 14 languages. KeepOlim never denies services to people who cannot afford them.

Another one of our greatly successful programs, the KeepOlim Lone Soldier Unit, provides life-saving counseling for Lone Soldiers before, during, and up to one year after the army. To date, KeepOlim has provided over 270 Lone Soldiers with free weekly counseling in their native language.

The KeepOlim Feeds Olim program, another one of our cornerstone programs, has distributed more than $75,000 worth of food gift cards to over 610 struggling Olim families and Lone Soldiers so no Olim go hungry.

We need your help! Partner with us in this mitzvah so we can continue to change and save the lives of our Olim every day. Together we are KeepOlim!

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