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Midreshet Adaraba opens its doors in 5783. The Midrasha will be established in Jerusalem and is intended for girls who have graduated 12th grade and who are interested in unlocking their inner identity in preparation for military or national service.

Come to Adaraba and give yourself an unforgettable year dedicated to religious development, personal growth, and self discovery.

About the Midrasha

During the school year at Adaraba, we will deal with personal, spiritual, and religious development. Throughout the year we will help you acquire the tools to deal with personal challenges as well as working through important questions concerning our Jewish and Zionist identity.

You will be filled up with inner strength as you prepare for national and military service.

This process of self discovery is especially important before such an intense period of time that will be focused on various tasks and important decisions including serving the state and society, academic studies, choosing a career and starting a family.

At Adaraba we help you prepare for service within a halachic and spiritual framework. You will deal with practical dilemmas and expected struggles that come up during military and national service.

At Adaraba we explore the soul and delve into the inner world of character development through combining joy, love, and awe.

At Adaraba we will focus on building a sweet and sensitive group that will become a place for growth and development.

At Adaraba you will meet a warm and loving staff who will accompany you on this transformative journey - hand in hand with a lot of sensitivity and openness.

At Adaraba, you will find a spiritual home and a long-term relationship that will stay with you throughout your national or military service and beyond.

This is so you can take what you begin in Midrasha and continue to draw from it throughout your life - especially at important moments and transitions.

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