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The Tsedek mission is to rescue children from disadvantaged backgrounds and to invest in them. To guide , support, teach, love, and encourage children- to build their self-esteem and give them the confidence to lead normal and healthy lives.
The gap between the rich and poor in Israel is growing, and the number of children growing up in poverty and with social problems increases every year. Social workers and school teachers refer such children to Tsedek when they see that they are struggling at school due to problems at home.

Children come to Tsedek from deprived backgrounds - their parents are unemployed, new immigrants, or single parents struggling to support their families. They also come from families with problems such as drug or alcohol abuse, domestic violence, or with parents who are in prison or have left the family. These children are victims of their circumstances.

Many children are suffering from trauma and face multiple disadvantages – psychological, economic and behavioral. Tsedek embraces them and provides therapy and constructive educational and cultural activities, together with individual encouragement.

    Categories of Activities:
  • Education
  • Food (Provision and Collection)
  • Empowerment
  • Saving Lives
  • Volunteering
  • Judaism
  • Disaster Relief
  • Professional Frameworks
  • Community Centers
  • Aid for the Needy
  • Charity
  • Social Welfare
  • Housing
  • Youth Movements
  • Culture

Tsedek was founded in 1982 by Rabbi Paul Roitman, a brave French Resistance fighter during WWII, who went on to rebuild the Jewish community of Paris during the 1950s. Moving to Israel, he recognized the plight of many disadvantaged children and decided to establish an organization to give them better opportunities and to encourage good citizenship. "Only when a society is based on the principle of social justice can we understand why we are living here."- Rabbi Paul Roitman, Founder of Tsedek "Every child has the right to grow up in the best possible conditions. We help all Israeli children, regardless of their background or family circumstances. We encourage them and train them to become productive Israeli citizens." - Shlomi Amar, Director of Tsedek

Board of Directors: Dr Gilles - Shmuel ZERBIB ,Isabelle Pudeurbetel ,Michel Shleider
Staff and Management We have 3 full-time and 3 part-time staff members
Our C.E.O. is Shlomi Amar
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Address: (P.O.Box 10252 Jerusalem 91102), Jerusalem
Tel: 026793641
Website: www.tsedek.org