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The Musrara Collection project aims to document the human variety, the history and the culture of the residents of Musrara: a borderline neighborhood in Jerusalem with many social issues, from which broke out the protest of the Black Panthers.

The Musrara school of photography has initiated a new project - the Musrara Collection. A visual and artistic archive of Musrara, a borderline neighborhood in Jerusalem with many social issues. It is a collection of the life stories of the neighborhood residents: the images, the sounds, the photographs and the films, the immigration stories, the joys, the plights, the customs, and the social struggle against the establishment. Various artists were invited to submit works inspired by the materials, the photographs and the testimonies that were archived. The materials are shown on this website and in exhibitions in the social gallery of the school. For over 25 years the Musrara school has been involved in artistic and educational activity that influences the art world and society in general.
The archive insists on combining those, as the school does, with art and artistic adaptation of the archive. The artworks refer to and interpret the archive and add contemporary and viewpoints.

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