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To develop mutual trust among the participants, to gain an insight into one another’s cultural identity.
To foster social skills such as mutual respect, cooperation & consideration
To train paticipants towards leadership in a multicultural societ
In Israel Jews and Arabs live apart and their children attend separate schools, which prolongs the distance between the two peoples from a very early age. In fact there is very little if any interaction between most Jews and Arabs in Israel. This is one of the reasons there are so many problems between them. It is known that foreignness and ignorance leads to stereotypes and preconceived notions which are not easy to break down. We also believe that education transcends politics and for the sake of Israel's future, Jewish and Arab children should be enriched by shared experiences.

Therefore, the aim of A New Way is to create dialogue from a very early age – elementary school! Beginning in some cases with kindergarten age children, A New Way pairs two neighboring classes together, either from mixed cities or from two adjacent Jewish and Arab towns, and uses various activities such as drama, art, music and sport to build relationships among the children.

    Categories of Activities:
  • Co-Existence
  • Education
  • International Friendship
  • Pluralism

A New Way was founded in 1998 by intellectuals and professionals who believe that all citizens of Israel are entitled to equal rights, equal protection and equal respect and that future generations of Jewish and Arab children should grow up free from bias and stigma and with a deep understanding of each others' culture and values.

Board of Directors: Ret. Gen. Amos Lapidot,Dan Pilz,Prof. Meira Ziv,Alice Krieger,Ganit Maizletz-Cassif ,Doron B. Levinson,Amin Sarsur,Husein Jabara,Arik Yaffe,Ralie Lifshitz
Staff and Management We have 1 full-time and 3 part-time staff members
Our C.E.O. is Dr. Tikva Bracha
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Address: 6 Weizmann blv., Ramat Hasharon
Tel: 035493859
Website: www.anewway.org.il