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"A New Way" generates a change on a grassroots people to people level, enabling Jews & Arabs to meet directly through educational processes, replacing fear and prejudice with a deep commitment to multicultural collaborations and shared society

In Israel Jews and Arabs live apart and their children attend separate schools, which prolongs the distance between the two societies from a very early age. In fact there is very little if any interaction between most Jews and Arabs in Israel. It is known that foreignness and ignorance leads to stereotypes and preconceived notions which are not easy to break down. For the sake of Israel's future, Jewish and Arab children should be enriched by shared experiences.

Therefore, the aim of A New Way is to create a dialogue starting at elementary school. A New Way pairs two neighboring classes together, either from mixed cities or from two adjacent Jewish and Arab towns. The mutual process put emphasis on collaboration, involvement and activism while coping with mutual challenges and conflicts, leading to finding solutions together.
Practicing a shared society, instead of Talking about a shared society - is CREATING a shared society

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