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The Citizens’ Accord Forum (CAF) works to strengthen social cohesion in Israeli society. Our goal is to build a shared society in a sustainable democracy where all citizens have equal opportunities and are invested in strengthening civil society.
The Citizens Accord Forum (CAF) was established in 2001 by former government minister Rabbi Michael Melchior. CAF’s mission is to build a shared society in a sustainable democracy in Israel; one in which all citizens have the chance to participate in public discourse in order to bring about social change for the benefit of their own groups and for society as a whole. In Israel today many rifts exist between different sectors of society with different and sometimes competing agendas. These rifts are a barrier towards building a shared society in which citizens representing all parts of society take part in civic engagement together. In addition some groups are marginalized and have less opportunity than others to take part in the public debate and to have their voices heard. One of CAF's strengths lies in its ability to work with the core members of marginalized communities generally excluded from the mainstream discourse on social issues, such as ultra-Orthodox Jews, the Arab and the Ethiopian populations. We work to develop these communities’ capacities to address common civic issues and take part in the public discourse. Our partnership with leading academic institutions in Israel and abroad enhances our ability to combine theory with practice.

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CAF operates in three main areas of activity: 1.) Civic engagement (operating deliberation and civic action groups, in which citizens from diverse groups address social issues and search together for solutions to common concerns) CAF runs deliberative dialogue groups of professionals from the ultra-Orthodox, Arab and Ethiopian sectors. Groups are made up of social workers, religious leaders, school principals, attorneys and community lay leaders. The groups engage each other in in-depth learning about subjects related to their professions. They also create action plans together that they can work on jointly or simply support each other’s efforts in affecting social change in their communities or on a national level. This year CAF is engaging in a joint project with the three ultra-Orthodox cities of B’nei Brak, Beit Shemesh and Elad. The project seeks to develop capacity for lay leaders to engage in civic activity within their local municipalities to help strengthen the foundations of a democratic culture by engaging the public in the decision-making process and in shaping the shared public space. 2.) Policy and advocacy (Jewish and Arab MKs: Study, Deliberation and Legislation Group) CAF has established a group of Members of Knesset who meet regularly with CAF’s professional and lay groups to engage in joint learning and to develop possible policy recommendations on specific topics. 3.) Education and leadership development (working with Jewish and Arab youth and operating women’s empowerment programs) CAF runs a Youth Parliament program which trains Jewish and Arab teens from the mixed cities of Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, Ramle, Lod and Akko to become leaders within their communities who will work together to improve conditions in their cities and promote positive relations between their two communities. CAF also conducts round-table events with professionals, lay leaders and academics as well as learning tours to other countries with MKs and others to further deliberate and develop our understanding of how best to create engagement and a shared public sphere within our polarized society.

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