Interfaith Encounter Association
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Promoting genuine and sustainable peace and coexistence through joint community-building that is based on interactive interfaith dialogue.
The Interfaith Encounter Association encourages "ordinary" citizens to actively improve their society - so that it is accepting and respecting the unique identity of each community and the good neighborhood and friendship between them.
Interactive interfaith dialogue is used as most powrful means to promote such inter-communal relations.
The fact that the IEA is a-political, both in not dealing with political arguments and by not taking a political stand, enables people of all part of the political and religious-secular spectra to join its activities.
The 29 local centers IEA formed so far, encourage their participants to join an ongoing and deep process of self-education for better understanding and mutual respect. In this way a mini-community is created, exemplifing the desired relations of good neighborhood based mutual understanding and resepct. It acts as a model for the larger community and a seed for the development of these relations. We envision becoming a social movement.

    Categories of Activities:
  • Environment
  • Islam
  • Health
  • Bridging Social Divides
  • Co-Existence
  • Education
  • International Friendship
  • Judaism
  • Christianity
  • Pluralism
  • Social Action
  • Israeli-Palestinian Co-operation
  • Peace
  • Culture

The IEA was formed in 2001 and since then have held – in its three regional focuses: in Israel, between Israelis and Palestinians and in the larger Middle East – more than 1800 programs, with some 6,000 participants – most of them meeting 'the other' for the first time. Participants in IEA programs include people of all political and religious views, as well as all ages, genders, walks of life etc. The IEA have formed till now 67 on-going community-groups of interfaith encounter – from the Upper Galilee to Eilat. It maintains working relations with 7 Palestinian organizations, across the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and is a founding partner of the Middle East Abrahamic Forum, with partners from Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia and Turkey. For its work the IEA has been recognized and awarded by: • UNESCO • Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding • The Institute for Interreligious Studies • The World Movement for Global Democracy • The Israeli Presidential Conference

Board of Directors: Yael Gidanyan,Dvir Ben Yehuda,Ibrahim Mustafa,Imad Abu-Hassan,Bob Carroll,Moatasem Hassuneh
Staff and Management We have 0 full-time and 3 part-time staff members
Our C.E.O. is Yehuda Stolov
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