The Center for Women's Justice
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CWJ is a non-profit organization at the forefront of advancing the rights of women to equality, dignity and justice under Jewish law.
By filing strategic lawsuits, rousing community involvement, and engaging the media and policy makers, CWJ promotes systemic solutions to the complex religious dilemmas that challenge the status of Jewish women: including, the agunah, get refusal, mamzer, and conversion

CWJ’s cutting edge work is poised for tikkun olam. Among its most important work, CWJ counts its litigation project which has pioneered the concept of filing damage claims against husbands who refuse to give a get (divorce). Since its inception, CWJ has filed 25 such claims.. “Tort claims will change the social discourse.” Susan Weiss, CWJ’s Founder and Executive Director, proclaims: “We will no longer relate to a husband’s refusal to give a get as his religious right, but rather as a civil wrong."

    Categories of Activities:
  • Human Rights
  • Judaism
  • Legal Aid
  • Pluralism
  • Civil Liberties
  • Social Action

2004  CWJ established  J. Ha'Cohen orders husband to pay $100,000 for refusing to grant wife a get 2005  CWJ’s Rivkah Lubitch, begins writing weekly internet column 2007  Bagatz orders Rabbinic Court to review policy of paying money to recalcitrant husbands in exchange for get  Canadian Supreme Court sites 2004 HaCohen precedent  Labor Court forces Rabbinic Court to withdraw discriminatory tender (1)  La’Isha awards CWJ attorney Susan Weiss “Torchbearer Award” 2008  J. Greenberger, Maimon, and Sivan issue a series of opinions that expand on the 2004 tort precedent.  Round Table discussion on conditional marriage contract, Van Leer.  Labor Court dismisses discriminatory rabbinic court tenders (2) 2009  Bagatz orders Rabbinic Court to review decision revoking conversions.  Israeli Bar Association awards CWJ Attorney Susan Weiss "Notable Women in Law."  CWJ embarks on YouTube and Pashkvilim Campaign

Board of Directors: Sarah Craimer,Tova Osofsky,Anita Bernstein,Aviad Hacohen,Leah Kraus,Rivkah Lubitch,Ariel Picard,Barbara Sofer,Yehudith Schweig,Daniel Statman,Miriam Zussman
Staff and Management We have 1 full-time and 4 part-time staff members
Our C.E.O. is Susan Weiss
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